This significant 13 page A3, full colour calendar will show 12 A4 sized photos of leading British sportswomen. It will also feature photos of 12 smaller sports. The included photographs and sports will be selected from participating NGBs’ nominations. It will also show a list of sporting events for women to watch and/or participate in AND we will donate 20% of the cover price to NGB women’s sections which participate.

This publication was initially intended to raise funds for the Women’s National Lacrosse Team – we have received outstanding interest and enthusiasm from a range of NGBs and are now planning to formalise the fundraise across 24 women’s sports.

Raising funds for women’s sport in conjunction with:
The Encephalitis Society
Association for Physical Education

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    women’s sporting calendar 2012

    Illustratus will be supporting Women’s Sport in 2012 with fund- and profile-raising activity.
    Nominations – all rights recognised
    The Women’s Sporting Calendar 2012 is a unique calendar to celebrate the proliferation of Women’s Sport as a result of Great Britain hosting of the 2012 Olympiad. Including details on over 350 women’s sporting events and featuring 24 British sportswomen.

    We are working with a number of NGBs and women's sporting organisations to help raise the profile of Women’s Sport, make it more accessible to women of all ages and give women increased confidence to participate in and raise awareness of sports events.

    We are proud to be launching the calendar and hope you will visit some of the women’s sporting events listed, try one of the sports featured and cheer on all of the 24 British athletes or players in 2012. If you buy online we will donate 20% of the purchase price to your chosen women’s sport.
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